Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Body Line PDR Dent Repair - Student Question

Recently, one of my past students sent me this photo of a dent he was doing today (after photo coming later). He did also mention, it was kicking his butt too, LOL. No matter what level a pdr tech is at, body line dents will always at some point be a challenge. It all depends how deep it is as well. This one happens to be an average good old whack from another car door.

Now my purpose for this illustration and explanations was to help him stay in good habit and so he can compare what he had learned from me in person. I like to keep good communication going and this one of many options seems to help.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Paid PDR Membership In the Works

We are under way designing and uploading new content for the paid PDR membership area on You can get a better idea and some small previews from the website itself.

There will be multiple and different plans to choose from and will have minimum updated tutorials 2-3 times a month.  We really want to focus on real things you need to know and help excel your learning curve.

A range of video tutorials, presentation PDR tutorials and diagrams tutorials. Topics include: PDR process, deep ding removal, tool usage, creases, body lines and much more.

When you have time, check out what is in store so far and get a sneak peek of what is to come shortly this month.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Official PDR Training DVD Trailer - Trapped Pressure - Series 2

Here is the "trapped pressure" dvd trailer for the series 2. It's 25 minutes long with a downloadable manual included in the dvd. This dvd is going for $30 and well worth the money. I'm sure anyone wanting to know a little or a lot about lines, trapped pressure and tool usage, then this dvd is for you.
Here is a direct link to where you can purchase direct if you choose.

PDR Paintless Dent Repair - Online Learning - Paid Membership

I have been wanting to develop a paid membership site for a long time. I have so many good videos, tutorials and tips to share but I rather not give everything away for free. For the most part, I have contributed to the pdr community well and want to do it even better but it takes time.. and you guessed it, money. But I don't want to charge out the ying yang either.

How it works? It's a paid membership and you can either sign up on a one day bases, one month or 6 months at a time. Giving you access to all of our video tutorials you have never seen before. As you know, I only want to present "professional" material. I really have a lot of pride in my pdr work and presenting them best as I can is no exception either. So what I am getting at? Simple. You will be very pleased and actually can learn something far better than you can for free; including my own videos that are on youtube.

This new pdr training - paid membership section is to be fully functional and launched before Christmas. I really, really think you will enjoy it and the benefits that will help you along your pdr learning journey and career. I will be making an official announcement within the next two weeks for the launch.

Thank you.

Myke Toledo

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dent Dynamics PDR Slide Hammer Review - Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

If you are looking for a pretty cool and well made PDR glue pull slide hammer, then this one one disappoint. Made by I created a simple review on my iphone. I really think though, you will be very happy with this product. 

New PDR Tutorial Coming Out Soon!

Between the glue pull video and new tool videos, I had to make this very important tutorial for anyone wanting to understand more about the line board. I explain in detail what the lines are about and how to identify the characteristics with trapped pressure. This step by step video tutorial will help you get a big understanding how to approach a trapped pressure dent while using specific tools.

This tutorial will be released within 24 hours so stay tuned.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's New with Dent Time

Lately, I have been quietly working on a few new things. Some are videos and some are photos like the one you see above. I get extremely antsy if I stay still. So I keep myself busy between pdr training and running Dent Time by learning new things.

Learning new things is awesome. That's how I keep my motivation going, the drive to stay fresh and give that overall unique approach to things. I get bored pretty fast and so whoever is reading this post understands why Dent Time gets fresh looks often. The world changes and I am a guy who loves change as well. You know what they say? "Change or Die." My passion about Dent Time is the ability of being able to think and create a vision. Some are easy to do and some are not. But it eventually all comes together.

My latest project is producing the Tommy Jue PDR Adventure and Ultra Dent's new Roller Tip video. Meanwhile, I am creating new idea from photos to give some more kick on some new pages for the website.

I can honestly say, things are very busy (work and family) and it's amazing I actually get MOST (not all) of my things done. Here's a Sneak Peek of the Tommy Jue PDR Training Adventure video. Well, gotta go and finish up my stuff. Take care

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tommy Finishes Up 4 Week PDR Training

I'm a bit late (3 days to be exact) posting this article about Tommy Jue finishing his 4 week paintless dent repair training. I had a quick moment to give you a little feedback before the video comes out.

First of all, I want to thank Tommy for giving me the opportunity to train him. It takes a lot of commitment and trust to fly far away from home and stay in a different city and meet with someone who you really don't know. So thanks so much Tommy for coming and I had a great time training you as well.

I mentioned to Tommy before he made the commitment that pdr training would not be easy and very challenging. None the less, I also mentioned it would be very rewarding and self satisfying. After the pdr training, Tommy had another term called, "gratifying" and I think he said it perfectly.

I don't have my students work easy dents. Tommy was no exception. In the last week, I had him do 4 retail jobs in a row. All big dents that involved a combo with glue puling, crown removal, creases and finishing. Some where more complex than the other but I could see his skills improving over each experience, and not to mention his confidence. Now I'm not saying Tommy was able to remove every dent perfect but if you were there, you can definitely tell he will be successful in PDR. The first two weeks alone were about pin pointing and finishing deep pitted dings. We all know, smaller dents can be much more difficult that bigger dents. Because in the end, it comes down to finishing. Just like the game golf, it don't matter if you can drive the ball 300+ yards. If you can't put the ball in the hole, then you can't finish.

My intentions is to help my students see and get the experience with all types of dents. If I have my students work small and non complex dents, then they would be in for a long and hard road ahead. Although, I'm not saying my students won't have a challenging road but there is a difference between challenging and confusing.

My goals as a PDR trainer is to help my PDR students understand the "why" factor. It takes many steps to do a dent correctly and many good habits to stay consistent. You will see video of Tommy's road to his PDR career soon in the near future. For now, please check out the photo gallery below.

Monday, November 15, 2010

4 Week PDR Training Update w / Tommy Jue

Well, Tommy and I have been very busy lately working on all types of dents. At this point we are doing almost anything that comes our way. Tommy's pdr training is going well and I keep challenging him more and more. For the most part he is pretty consistent and as expected, he does have a hard time at things here and there. I say it's expected because I don't want my students to really ever get the impression every dent will be easy.

Today, I had him work on some complex dents. They looked easy to most and even fooled me. Flat dents with crowns are very deceiving and demand a lot of cross checking with careful tap downs and pushing. If not performed correctly, flat dents will always be very noticeable and wavy. I did video Tommy's progress as usual but it will need some editing. My intensions are to be honest with my training and what all pdr students go through. All get frustrated as one point or another, it's just some handle their emotions better than others.

In the near future, you will see how how it went for Tommy. Stay tuned as usual and meantime, enjoy the slide show. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment if you like. Thank you.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tommy Jue PDR Video Documentary - 1 of 4 week PDR Training

Here is the video during Tommy's first week of paintless dent repair / removal pdr training. I'm already filming his second and third week of paintless dent repair training and you will notice his progress as we go along. Look out during the weeks to come to see how he does.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tommy Jue PDR Update Week 1 - Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Training

Well, it's been already one week since Tommy has begun his pdr adventure. I am actually editing and getting ready to post his experience and thoughts about his pdr training and he really is enjoying it. He reminded me to mention it because he said he forgot to say that on the video. At this point, I am very happy with Tommy's hard effort and dedication. I have challenged him relentlessly and he has so far proven PDR will be right for him.

Reading the line board properly with proper techniques over and over turns into good habits. Understanding and perfecting it creates permanent habits. The first week of paintless dent repair training is always the most challenging. A newbie has to get accustomed to the awkward positions, different ways they see with their eyes and build a much more tolerance for patience. Once this part is mastered, it just becomes a routine and almost a trance. This is the stage Tommy is getting into. The more he gets the experience, the better he becomes.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Week of PDR Training Going Well for Tommy

So far so good for Tommy Jue who is picking up pdr really well. I mainly have Tommy doing deep dings on different panels all week because this is the most common type of dent he will face consistently. Removing deep dents are very hard to keep clean from start to finish. It's most difficult when a student gets to the last 10-5% and has to knock down between pushes. A dent can get very messy in a hurry if not executed with accurate tap downs and pushes.

For Tommy, he has shown very good patience and incredible tool tip control. He is ahead of the average learning curve and if he stays at this pace, it will allow him the benefit of learning more advance pdr techniques and repairs with a good 3 1/2 weeks to go.

Later I will introduce him to body lines and creases by next week. Next post will be within a couple of days so check back soon and I will give another update.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Official PDR Movie Trailer for Learning Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

Yes, I know some of you think I go over the top with my videos but my purpose is to help bring anyone's awareness up who may consider this pdr skill. Besides, wouldn't you want someone like me rather than someone else, who might not be as excited or have the same passion about paintless dent repair? I just want others to understand that I really want my students to make it.

I see so many people who really want the best pdr training but can't afford it. Unfortunately, think they can still make it in this business just as well if they went to a cheaper and shorter pdr training course.  What they can't compare is the personal training, hands on experience and a non set curriculum. In other words, it must be designed around you. Nobody will understand how your skill level is until you are there in person. So how can a pdr course have a set way of doing things? Also, it should not be taught with multiple people unless its organized from the same group.

Currently I will be starting a new student named, Tommy. He's from Savannah, Georgia and attending the 4 week pdr training course. I look forward to training him and excited to document his progress as well like my recent past student, Dan Ontrop. Matter of fact he's the guy in the video above. Stay tuned as I will keep the blog updated often during the next 4 weeks. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hail Damage in Glendale, Arizona - Leaving Tonight!

Well, I just got word about 6 hours ago that there was significant damage in Arizona, mainly in Glendale and parts of Phoenix. From baseball damage to pea size dings, this seems to be a decent paintless dent and hail damage repair for a lot of veteran pdr techs.

I am meeting a lot of techs including Steve Hopf from Ultra Dent Tools and others who also live in the western States like Utah, Nevada and California. I'm sure there are lots of other pdr techs flying in from all parts of the U.S. and I am hoping I can say hello and meet other professional and veteran hail techs and teams.

I have to admit, I am a newbie to hail chasing and by no means would I consider myself a veteran when it comes to hail. But I am no stranger to learning the ropes fast but look forward to the challenging road ahead. I don't normally get an opportunity to chase hail because I operate Dent Time, LLC in San Diego. My team here in San Diego is now very capable of operating Dent Time while I can take advantage of this opportunity.

I am anxious to do hail and meet new faces and as always, looking forward to learning new things. I feel very strong, this is what helps myself and my company to grow in many ways. When I return, I will have a small video documentation about my trip and the hail repair scene.

Stay tuned...

Myke Toledo

Part 2 of Raw Iphone Review - Magnetic PDR Tool Tip w/ BB - Paintless Dent Repair

I was told by the creators it was meant to use with the BB so that the new pdr student can easily follow their tool tip. Amazing it works quite well and I have to say, this almost fells like cheating. The magnet is so strong, there is no chance the BB will fall off what so ever.

I think soon as they get this tool tip dialed in and ready for production, it will be a fast seller indeed. All things have their learning curve though but this tool definitely will speed it up. Later on I will be posting some new articles about the latest tools and techniques from my website at

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Magnetic Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Tool Tip Review

I was sent a sample tip to try from the guys in Spain. This interesting and very unique pdr tool tip seems to work very well based on what I did so far in the video. I am also planning to do a crease in the future as well but for now, here is a good sneak peek at what this paintless dent repair tool tip can do.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Live Chat Now Available - When Our Dent - Bumper Repair Team is Online

At Dent Time, one of our main goals for our mobile paintless dent removal and bumper repair service is to make sure you receive the most professional care from the start. We now launched a new feature on our website called, Live Chat. This helps you, the customer get quick answers when one of our team members is online. A pop up box will enable on your screen only if we are online to prevent non responses.

We want our customers to know we are here as much as possible to get their questions and concerns answered quickly, thoroughly and professionally. It's just another way to show our potential customers we don't just talk about high quality and service.. we prove it!

Please take a visit to Dent Time, LLC when you have the time and thank you for your interest.

Myke Toledo (President)

Bumper Time Now Offering Mobile Bumper Repair to Temecula, Corona, Riverside County

Our business is growing and our sub division Bumper Time is now offering mobile bumper and paint scratch repair to the areas of Temecula, Riverside and Corona areas. Our professional mobile units come directly to your home or office and restore back to new with a factory computer color match and written lifetime warranty.

Our mobile auto paint repair services can repair, restore and renew; key scratches, bumper damage, clear coat problems, cracks, dents, paint scuffs, punctures, holes and even replace bumper covers if needed. Most bumper and paint repairs are restored within 2-3 hours instead of 2-3 days at your home or work place. From exotics to your daily driver, you can count on consistent and high quality craftsmanship with every repair.

Compared to other competition, Dent Time, LLC & Bumper Time Inc. is fully licensed, bonded and insured who has been serving the San Diego and North County areas since 2001. Prior to that, Myke Toledo has worked for his step father for over 10 years in the automotive reconditioning (paintless dent removal) business before founding Dent Time, LLC.

We understand there are many choices out there when it comes to repairing your scratched panel or bumper. But please do keep in mind, not all companies are the same and neither is Bumper Time. Our priority is quality and on-time customer service that can not be matched. Please call us toll free at 1-800-420-3368 or feel free to email us your photos for a fast estimate to

Thank you and we look forward to serving you.

Now serving mobile bumper and paint scratch repair to the following cities:
Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Sun City, Red Hawk, Menifee, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, French Valley, Hemet, Perris, Corona and Riverside County.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Body Lines / Creases / Crowns with Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

It's been a while since I took the time to post a photo of one of my paintless dent repairs and I apologize. I have been super busy between numerous things and so I hope you understand. Anyhow, here is a basic diagram about what to look for on a body line with a crease going against it. I always look for crowns because that is what holds the pressure and the tightness that keeps it locked. The deeper the dent, the more lines you will notice around the center.

I have the full article and breakdown about what I used for this pdr repair.  So I really encourage you to please follow this link and read the rest. Thank you.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Upcoming Big Dent Repair Video

I had a nice dent to do before Labor Day weekend and this dent I had to say was a nice little challenge. Very stretched, sharp and hard to handle dent that had a crazy crown just one inch about the body line. I won't give too much away but let's say you will definitely want to see how it went. Stay tuned as I will explain the details later. Meanwhile take a sneak peek at the iPhone dent video.

YouTube Video

-- Myke Toledo

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Franchise Don't Mean Better

I recently went out to do a customer who owned a Mitsubishi Eclipse. He had a crease dent that went through a body line on the rear quarter panel.

An experienced pdr technician understands access is almost impossible from the rear quarter panels. I was inspecting the vehicle and noticed underneath that there were recently drilled holes and 2 out 3 were not even plugged! One was somewhat plugged with some red looking silicone sealant.

The customer then stated he went to a competitor of mine (Who is a Franchise) and they drilled holes to access the dent. The only good thing is that they informed him but failed to tell him they didn't bother to plug the other holes.

I removed 90% of this dent without creating harm to vehicle. I used a glue pull technique that removes the dent from the outside. Body lines are very hard to do because it is one of the strongest parts of the vehicle which holds the most tension. As you will see in the video, it is only noticeable with the line board. The line board is extremely detailed and can show the most hidden flaws like it's being magnified.

My point is, if you think all pdr companies are the same, you could end up with not only an unsatisfactory repair but risk your vehicle being hacked up. Make sure you carefully do your homework and choose quality before a cheap price. If it sounds to good to be true, then it is. An experienced company like Dent Time is not the cheapest for good reason. Our customers understand that quality has value and doing things right are far more worth than cutting cost and risking a bad repair.

Please take some time and watch how this repair went.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

-- Myke Toledo

Sunday, August 15, 2010

4 week Paintless Dent Repair Training Video - Dent Removal One on One

When I was pdr training Dan Ontrop, I decided it would be very beneficial for everyone if I documented his 4 week paintless dent repair training. So I captured most of Dan's important part of his pdr training stages. This video jumps to almost the end of his paintless dent repair training and really shows what's involved.

I want to educate the public about how hard pdr really is. Why it takes more than just a plain desire before you consider making a career out of it. And it all starts (if you are committed) from where you train and how long you train. I believe 4 weeks is the best option I offer. It allows you to really grasp what habits you need to obtain to perfect what you learn. So much to learn and so little time. I've been performing paintless dent removal for nearly two decades and I still learn new things as long as I am willing.

With pdr, you have to have an open mind and go at a slow pace. Paintless dent removal is an art and if you don't respect it, it will kick your butt up and down. Oh and I did mention, it's not easy? Nor is it easy to teach. I too had to not only learn how to do pdr but understand how to teach the art because not all students are the same. Matter of fact every student is different and there are different techniques for training different type of students. My step father was an excellent pdr tech and one of the greats but he could not teach worth a lick. I guess that is what really taught me to understand how not to teach.

Between this article and the video below, I hope this really helps you get some insight about real one on one paintless dent repair training.  Go for as long as you can and check your market and see if it's not already saturated.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reintroducing the Body Line PDR Training Tutorial

Lately I have been receiving some interest in regards to body line dent repair. So I wanted to personally go over one of my pdr tutorials that is in depth in regards to the procedure, tools and technique. Below is a video about my thoughts and what you would expect. It's actually one of my personal favorites because I knew how bad it was to struggle with body lines. It's not one of my fancy videos, just a good 26 page article with lots of diagrams and explanations. It's available for download for only $20 at You can also check out some free paintless dent repair tutorials at as well.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Be Scam Smart - Watch Out for Bad Auto Body / Bumper Repair

So you have a dent / scratch on your vehicle and been thinking of getting it done but it's a little out of your budget. You put it off until you can afford to get it done and forget about it. Meanwhile one day you go to the store and are approached by a stranger or two and they mention they can take care of the dent / scratch on your vehicle for $150. You kinda hesitate but before you can make a sensible decision, they mention they work for a legit mobile bumper and dent company and are doing it on the side to make some extra cash.

To make you feel even more secure, they give you a business card of the company they "claim" to work for and convince you they are legit. They become a little more forceful and you suddenly agree because of the low price and convincing statements.

45 minutes later, they say they are done and at first glance it may even look better but your vehicle looks like it has pin holes in it and perhaps bubble gum looking mud (bondo and primer) on the work area. Before you can say anything, they tell you it has to set for 24 hours and by tomorrow, just wash it off yourself or take it to a car wash and it will look brand new! as you second guess their statement, they become more forceful and a little intimidating while asking for the cash. You or the victim make a decision and it's either call the cops or give in and hope for the best.

Dent Time has been for years making this aware to the consumers this is happening. Don't ever trust anyone to work on your vehicle without proper identification, uniform and a work order. A work order ensures a bind agreement and proof of work. Never pay anyone until the job is completed to your satisfaction. And when in doubt, call the phone number and confirm their identity. Please visit our main website for legit and professional service. Thank you!

Below is a real situation how these men operate and in a rare occasion, they feel they are in trouble! Warning - explicit language. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Very Deep Crease Dent Repair Encinitas

Well another very advanced paintless dent repair on another hard Ford truck. I was doing this pdr job in Encinitas, Ca and when I pulled up I was like "uh oh!" A very deep dent caused from slightly jack knifing a trailer. Not to make things worse, it was a pearl white 3 stage paint. Which means, if I become to aggressive with my pushes, the paint would crack severely and ghost trail making it look worse.

Luckily it was overcast on the coast because I was not going to have any shade. In the end, there was a slight wave because how stretched the crease was. I had to be very aware not to crack paint, so i decided to leave a slight low near the edge. It would not be worth for me to get greedy and try to force the last bit out and jeopardize the whole repair by cracking paint. It took me just about 2 1/2 hours to remove. I charge $250 and the customer lived happily ever after.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

-- Myke Toledo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

M35 infinity Dent Repair San Diego

Today I worked on a crushed body line from an Infinity M35 in San Diego. The paintless dent repair took just about 3 1/2 hours to complete. I started by knocking a little of the crown down first and then working the low. Little by little I slowly got the metal to cooperate.

I used a soft tip tool, then sharper ones to finish with detail. I crossed checked like a mad man and kept my face planted to the metal. It was very overcast today and I am actually thankful because working in a white car in the sun is torture for my eyes, even with polarized sun glasses.

YouTube Video

-- Myke Toledo

Sunday, July 18, 2010

PDR Paintless Dent Repair / Hail Removal T Shirts For Sale

If you are looking for something to wear that will get some attention or a laugh once in awhile, you may like the new pdr paintless dent repair / hail removal t shirts that came out on Vince from Dents No More came up with the idea and production.

On the left sleeve, the shirts say, "I See Dent People." The pdr t shirts are a perfect way to start a conversation and even lead to a job or two!

Click Here For More Info

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ford Metal - Crease Dent Repair Training

Yesterday I put Nico to the test when it came to removing long creases on Ford metal. Performing paintless dent repair and deep door ding removal can be somewhat a little bit of a challenge. Some may not be aware of the resistance Ford sheet metal has. When you push, it does not react as well like most other sheet metal. Besides aluminum, this particular manufacture (Ford) contains a different mix of elements that give Ford sheet metal more strength.

I had Nico work on a very long 38" long crease. But wait, there was another factor. Not only was it a long crease and on a Ford, it had some type of backing on the back of the skin to keep road noise to a minimum. What this means is that it is very difficult to place your tool tip and be very accurate. I showed Nico how to manage this challenge with specific tools and tips to obtain the best results. Still, it was very much indeed a big pain.

Nico was on the crease for 5 hours and had very good success with accurate pushes. Some struggles as expected but understanding how to manage the struggle was more important. He will be finishing up the crease later this afternoon.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

-- Myke Toledo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Body Line Paintless Dent Repair Acura MDX

Today after I finished up a training session with Nico from Greece, I received a last minute call from a body shop when I was on my way home.

When I arrived, I saw I had a nice little dent waiting for me. A crease dent that goes right across the body line on an Acura MDX. Performing paintless dent repair / removal on these vehicles are usually average. But when it comes to any body line, never under estimate the "hard" factor.

This dent took nearly an hour to remove. A soft tip tool was used along with separate screw on tips that helped finish the dent out.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

-- Myke Toledo

Friday, July 9, 2010

Learning Glue Pulling PDR Training

I have a quick break and we just finished up doing Scion TC. We had to perform some glue pulling on the top rail of the vehicle. Nico is picking up the paintless dent repair glue pulling technique quite nice. Nico from Greece has just about 2 more weeks to learn a lot more. I will keep you posted. Learn more about pdr training through our official website at

-- Myke Toledo

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PDR Training Graduate Doing Well in Florida

I trained a PDR trainee Brad over a year ago in the art of paintless dent repair. He is from Fort Myers, Florida and he just emailed me how he had been doing.

Hey Myke, Its Brad from Fort Myers, FL just emailing to say hi. I have gotten a business up and running its taken me a little bit but I got there. I have been working on a web site its coming along nice - kinda work in progress. Well just want to say thanks, my training is paying off. My dents have been just getting better and better. If you get a chance check out my web site tell me what you think? I like the new Dent Time site the xb video with the 70's tv show music is great. Well thanks again Myke talk to you later.


No thank you Brad for choosing me to train you. Your dent repairs look fantastic and clean. Keep pushing your skills and challenge yourself and soon you will be better than me. No joke because that is what I wish for every student I train.

Thanks again Brad and continued success.

Myke Toledo

-- Myke Toledo

Friday, July 2, 2010

Tough Lexus Paintless Dent Repair PDR

Today I once again got my butt handed to me today doing a fairly complex dent on a hood of a Lexus LS430.

Access was terrible along with leverage. I worked some of the lion share of the dent using the glue pulling method but uncoils not get most of it out because of tight and trapped pressure against the body line. Oh, and did I mention that the hood was aluminum? Those who don't understand the difference between steel and aluminum when it comes to pdr, all I can mention is you are in for a treat. Aluminum is much more stronger and much less likely to react to your pushes the same as steel. That's another subject though I will likely blog about later.

I accessed the dent through two ways. I had to remove the grill and remove the rubber hood grommet that levels the hood. With some persistence and a little luck, I removed 90% or better in about 2 1/2 hours. Limited access kept me from getting this dent to a 98 - 100% pdr repair but as usual, I learned what I am up against when and if I see a similar dent on a similar situation.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

-- Myke Toledo

Dan PDR Student Works Big Dent Repair

This post is about Dan Ontrop's last and big paintless dent repair he did. It was his last day and he wanted to test himself on what he learned from the previous weeks.

I have a specific and a solid way I teach my pdr students so they can break big dents down into smaller and more manageable repairs. It's all about recognition after a pdr student understands the fundamentals of paintless dent repair. Recognizing high spots, crowns, knocking down, pin pointing and knowing how to finish will drastically improve the overall results of a pdr repair. Keeping your dent clean is the most important. If you have miss-pushes everywhere, the dent becomes unreadable and real chewy. A lost cause and then the frustration begins to build.

Dan not only understands the fundamentals, he perfects his new learned pdr process with good habits. Even though this dent was not removed 100%, he is comfortable with his pushes and tap downs. Eventually Dan will become more experienced and quicker as he perfects the art of paintless dent removal.

For those who may think pdr appears easy, it's not. Matter of fact, it is one of the most challenging trades to learn to date. Yes, there are many pdr techs out there and many more who take short cuts or struggling to perfect the art due to poor habits and training.

You can keep up in Dan Ontrop in Ohio through his new website

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

-- Myke Toledo

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beware of Bad Bad Bumper Repair

YouTube Video

I was walking in a parking lot at Walmart in my way in and saw a very common thing that happens when a person lets a non professional bumper repair company work on their vehicle. A very terrible repair that was so bad, the bumper would now need replacement.

Unfortunately some people want the cheapest repair and end up paying a much bigger price in the end. But how could this happen? Who would pay for such a thing? I see it a lot and hear it a lot. There are rip off artists going around claiming they work for a legit and professional bumper repair company but is doing this on the side for a cheaper cost. They work out of an unmarked vehicle (usually, sometimes have a cheap magnet on), do work with NO work order and no uniform.

These con artists approach people who have damage on their vehicles in parking lots and neighborhoods. Mainly targeting woman and elderly. They also intimidate the victim if they question the quality of their work.

The work these con artists do is very common with the same story. They unfortunately convince the victim to use their untrustworthy service by giving them a false story and a real business card of a legit business.

Luckily for some, victims have called me and checked before they had given the con artists the ok. And others had not. At the end if their repair, it looks like paste or bubble gum. Then explain how it will wash or wax right off the next day. They never intend to do a good job nor do they care. They generally want cash and rarely accept checks because they don't want to be tracked.

Use common sense and don't let anyone work on your vehicle without proper identification, in uniform with a marked vehicle and work order.

Our divisions, Dent Time and Bumper Time are licensed, insured and registered with BAR.

Please contact us direct if you have any questions at 858-699-2054.

-- Myke Toledo

Friday, June 25, 2010

Deep Body Line PDR Training With Dano

Today was a fantastic pdr training day with Dan Ontrop. He's in his 4th week of paintless dent repair / removal training and he did a great job on a deep body line dent.

It was time to see how Dan could stand up on a super deep and sharp dent across a body line. I expected Dan to be on this for at least 3-4 hours. He removed this dent 95% in about 1 1/2 hours! Now if you have never done pdr, then you might think that's a long time for such a small dent. To other experienced pdr techs, that's impressive for a pdr training newbie who has only less than 20 true days of experience.

I had Dan do this dent outside in a pretty warm environment on a silver car. In other words, it was pretty challenging to concentrate on a dent with those kind of conditions. Silver vehicles are a very challenging on the eyes and you really need to focus to read the line board and dent correctly. But, Dan came through and his patience had been paying off. Take a look at his impressive progress.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

-- Myke Toledo

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mobile Bumper Repair San Diego - Gets a New Wrap

We have been working on a new design for our San Diego mobile bumper and paint scratch repair division.

We not only just care about our quality and customer service but we also very much care about our image.

Our final look and outcome will be mid July when our vehicle will be finished.

-- Myke Toledo

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3 week PDR Training Going Well

For those that are following how Dan is doing with his paintless dent repair training, I have an update. Today was the official start of his third week of pdr training.

The first week we did a lot of ding removals. Some were easy and some were challenging. As I train Dan, I remind him that it's all about the quality and he has definitely kept that in mind. His pushes are incredibly accurate without making irreversible mistakes like; paint cracks and guessing.

The second week was all about learning to control the tool tip and perfecting how to finish. PDR starts with a foundation and builds from there. I can not teach a student beyond the basics without them Knowing how to perfect the fundamentals of paintless dent repair. Learning the art of paintless dent removal starts from the basics of being able to read the line board, tool tip location, tool usage and developing muscle memory. All these factors when taught correctly build a good habit. Advanced paintless dent repair can not be achieved until the basics have been mastered.

Dan has made impressive progress thanks to his dedication and disciplined patience without giving up. Staring at a panel with lines going across the damaged area can take toll on a pdr trainee. As I mention in most of my articles or posts, pdr is not easy to learn but learning from the right instructor CAN make it all the better.

Today we had a great opportunity to work and train on a late model Mercedes Benz. Dan who did 85% of the dent. He started on this dent at about 10:45am and finished around 3pm. No lunch break in between, just a couple of small water breaks. Now I don't starve my pdr students, it's just we eat a big breakfast before we do pdr training.

Now the videos you are about to see are raw and unedited. Dan did most of this dent as you will see. We worked on hidden crowns, glue pulled, worked the body line, tapped down like about 500-800 times and crossed check like crazy.

Check out Dan's pdr training progress and you be the judge. Please visit our main website for more info

-- Myke Toledo

Friday, June 11, 2010

BMW Crease Repair Training

Dan was in his second week of PDR training when we started to get into crease repair work. This BMW has a few sharp creases that touch the edge of the door.

Now I am not going to tell you that I had him do the whole crease because I didn't. He did a good portion. His pin pointing is very accurate when it comes to placing the tool tip exactly where it needs to be. And that is percisely the skill a pdr tech needs when it comes to finishing a dent or crease completely.

In order for my students to understand PDR fully, I take the student on a few planned retail jobs a week. I don't have them watch, I have them work the repair. My pdr students can only improve if they themselves are getting real experience, in real pdr situations. Since most students plan to do retail, there is no better time to start than during their 4 week pdr training. Although, I don't just put a student right on a retail car, I train them heavily before hand at the training facility, also on real cars.

Performing pdr on creases take a tremendous amount of patience and precise tool tip control. Each push needs to be precise or the repair could end up looking like a zipper effect.

Our pdr training demonstrates how we help our students rapidly develop their skills and maintan a good habit. Each student is trained to become more confident so in the their real environment, they find themselves in already familiar territory.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video