Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Bentley Dent Repair Video / Not too Flashy but Professional

Bentley Dent Repair Short / Canon 7d / Indi Slider Mini from Myke Toledo on Vimeo.

I decided to do a much more simple video but step up the cinematography dramatically. This was a newer 2009 Bentley Brooklands. My technician "Bebo" was the one who performed the work so i could actually concentrate on filming for once. 

One thing I like more than anything is shooting video. It has to be a good video or I won't edit or even release it to the public. I have so much other vehicles I have done that seem interesting for paintless dent or bumper repair but I hate shaky video! In my early days I didn't understand what I was doing. Now, I think I am taking a film maker approach. I like to stay fresh and think of new ideas. Some I want to do more than once but behind the scenes there is a lot of preparation. I like to do things right but it can get pricey and over budget. So I guess I will have to keep working after all.. what a bummer. Oh well, that's life so I can't complain too bad. I love to keep my videos interesting so here's one that I hope you have enjoyed if you did not watch already. 

Take care
-Myke Toledo

New DentTime.com Website Gets Overhaul.

Well, I am finally moving forward with one my biggest projects yet to come and it's my own. After producing lots of other videos and designing everyone else's websites, I finally get to pay some attention my own with the long over due DentTime.com site.

It won't look crazy different looking though. It will be just crazy organized and lots more to offer. Lots of tutorials, videos and information regarding the auto reconditioning site. I have some out of the box ideas too but first thing is first. Here is a small preview below of what it's starting to look like.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Escape PDR Dent Repair - Glue Pull

(San Diego - Oceanside) On Saturday, I had an opportunity to remove this dent from a Ford Escape. It was one of our repeats who was unfortunate to get this dent on the rear quarter panel.

So I broke out the glue system for demonstration purposes that will be featured on the new Glue Pull Practicals next month. To be honest, most of this dent would have pooped out using a strong suction cup and them pushing the rest with a soft tip.

The Escape was in great condition with tons of wax on the panel which made my job difficult getting the glue to adhere good to the panel. If this ever happens to you, come prepared like I did not. You need to get some light compound and rub on the panel so it creates a surface for the glue to grip. Or if you don't have that, perhaps if you're brave enough, try using some 2000 sand paper and scoring the clear just enough.

Next was removing the crown which most techs underestimate. Using the right tap down tips are crucial so you don't get those tap down pits. Choosing the right knock down tips helps you from spending more time fixing what you could have prevented in the first place.  As you can see the dent came out and all was well. You'll just have to see the exact details when the new video comes out next month.  For more info please contact Myke Toledo at 858-699-2054 or visit our website at www.denttime.com

Saturday, February 13, 2010

PDR Quote App for Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Techs - Review

I have been recently using the "PDR Quote" app that is available for your iphone. It has turned out to be a pleasant surprise to have a paperless work order done on site without hand writing a messy invoice.

The application is fully customizable so you can add your logo, change the names of the panels, add tax or even give a discount. Once created, you can use a quote or email as a finished receipt. Your customer and yourself receive the copied work order (see screen shot on left) as an email with completed invoice.You can even send a quote to an insurance company. If you happen to have the need of a hard copy, just add a wireless printer and whala, there it is.

It's a super convenient system that saves you lots of printing fees, not to mention high tech and seems to impress the customers as well. There are even an apps (separately, not part of PDR Quote) that allows you to finish a transaction with a credit card.

I might suggest getting a dedicated itouch or the new ipad to use with the PDR Quote. Unfortunately there is no way to separate your personal contacts from your business contacts.

All in all, I was impressed from this powerful little app and it exceeds my expectations and beyond.

Full Version - $350.
PDR Quote Lite - Free

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Competitors Charging $50 Dent Repair San Diego - Lowball

Now I have seen this before in different parts of the states like; Texas and Florida but never in my wildest dreams think it would happen in my area anytime soon. Matter of fact, the companies who are offering these lowball prices have been around for awhile.

OK, so times are slow. But really? $50 dents? There are some big consequences that happen when a company starts to lowball or advertises such a low cost.

#1. Let's say a customer comes to the location and says, "I have a ding right here." The technician says, "Oh I'm sorry but that does not qualify for our $50 dent repair." Then explains reasons why. Meanwhile the customer gets pissed off and leaves knowing they just were pulled in with a bait and switch. Customer writes a bad review and there goes that bright idea.

#2. Company has good intensions but now is working twice as hard to earn what they could have earned in half the time. Quality starts to drop off, dents don't come out perfect and they are dealing with problematic situations often.

#3. Cause and effect. The principal behind the $50 dent repair is not a win / win situation. It will back fire either way because it draws the whole market down and soon a lot more companies would be doing it for the wrong reasons. Don't forget there are new companies getting into the market and they look for the lowest competitor and start their prices lower than that! Just like the wholesale market. All of a sudden the public assumes that a ding is automatically $50  or lower no matter what. Even if a company changes their outlook about realistic prices, the effect is done.

My conclusion is that if you really want to stay in business, sell your company quality and service. There are a lot more people who are willing to pay for quality if you target just that. In my experience, the cheapest customers are always the most pickiest. PDR takes much time, money and experience to learn. In the end, ask yourself.. am I, my trade and my company only worth $50?

If you happen to be a retail customer and have a dent, then I invite you to give us a call (800.420.3368) and speak with me personally, Myke Toledo. I will be happy to help.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Official Line Board 101 PDR Training Video Trailer Out.

Sorry folks for the delayed video trailer but I just finished the edit. Here is a very good look at what I put in the video. Lots of animation, demonstrations and just plain good content. I spent quite some time on the video but I finally got around to produce something I wasn't going to be embarrassed about from years to come.

One thing I recently added as an option is the downloadable pdr manual that is found on the dvd. Now you have the option to purchase just the dvd with no manual ($39.99) or with the downloadable manual for ($99.99). Either way, you can't go wrong.

As mentioned before, I am currently editing the glue pulling video and coming out with another detailed trailer for that video as well. Lots more of intense "out in the street" video that you won't want to miss. Real situations with real dents.

So if you want to learn a lot about the Line Board and even more about paintless dent repair, then purchase the Line Board 101 pdr training video today at AutoLecture.com.

Thank you!
-Myke Toledo

Friday, February 5, 2010

Repairing Creases - Why are they so difficult? Learning PDR

Ah creases.. they are indeed one of the most funnest dents to remove.. well not really. Truthfully creases are one of the most difficult to remove because it's like folding a piece of paper and then ironing the line out. If you thought sharp dings and dents were hard, then imagine trying to pin point a continuous deep pit.

It takes extreme precision and combined experience to remove a crease 95-100%. This all depends of course how deep the crease is and the location. Most techs work a crease from side to side and this is generally the best way to accomplish a success pdr repair. But creases deserve a lot attention and constant movement with your reflection. Tools are a huge factor. It's a good idea to shrink the crease with a padded tip (like the soft tip) or use tape to cushin the head of your tool. Last thing you want to do is crack or pock up the paint.

Please click here to read the rest of this article on AutoLecture.com

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Glue Pulling Practicals - Sneak Peek DVD Video

Here is a little sneak peek about the latest dvd we are releasing this February. It's called Glue Pulling Practicals that involves different techniques with a variety of dents and creases. There will be product and tool information and the essentials for performing an efficient pdr glue pull.

We will be releasing an official trailer a couple days in advance before the available date. But for now, this is a small dose of what is to come...