Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Week of PDR Training Going Well for Tommy

So far so good for Tommy Jue who is picking up pdr really well. I mainly have Tommy doing deep dings on different panels all week because this is the most common type of dent he will face consistently. Removing deep dents are very hard to keep clean from start to finish. It's most difficult when a student gets to the last 10-5% and has to knock down between pushes. A dent can get very messy in a hurry if not executed with accurate tap downs and pushes.

For Tommy, he has shown very good patience and incredible tool tip control. He is ahead of the average learning curve and if he stays at this pace, it will allow him the benefit of learning more advance pdr techniques and repairs with a good 3 1/2 weeks to go.

Later I will introduce him to body lines and creases by next week. Next post will be within a couple of days so check back soon and I will give another update.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Official PDR Movie Trailer for Learning Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

Yes, I know some of you think I go over the top with my videos but my purpose is to help bring anyone's awareness up who may consider this pdr skill. Besides, wouldn't you want someone like me rather than someone else, who might not be as excited or have the same passion about paintless dent repair? I just want others to understand that I really want my students to make it.

I see so many people who really want the best pdr training but can't afford it. Unfortunately, think they can still make it in this business just as well if they went to a cheaper and shorter pdr training course.  What they can't compare is the personal training, hands on experience and a non set curriculum. In other words, it must be designed around you. Nobody will understand how your skill level is until you are there in person. So how can a pdr course have a set way of doing things? Also, it should not be taught with multiple people unless its organized from the same group.

Currently I will be starting a new student named, Tommy. He's from Savannah, Georgia and attending the 4 week pdr training course. I look forward to training him and excited to document his progress as well like my recent past student, Dan Ontrop. Matter of fact he's the guy in the video above. Stay tuned as I will keep the blog updated often during the next 4 weeks. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hail Damage in Glendale, Arizona - Leaving Tonight!

Well, I just got word about 6 hours ago that there was significant damage in Arizona, mainly in Glendale and parts of Phoenix. From baseball damage to pea size dings, this seems to be a decent paintless dent and hail damage repair for a lot of veteran pdr techs.

I am meeting a lot of techs including Steve Hopf from Ultra Dent Tools and others who also live in the western States like Utah, Nevada and California. I'm sure there are lots of other pdr techs flying in from all parts of the U.S. and I am hoping I can say hello and meet other professional and veteran hail techs and teams.

I have to admit, I am a newbie to hail chasing and by no means would I consider myself a veteran when it comes to hail. But I am no stranger to learning the ropes fast but look forward to the challenging road ahead. I don't normally get an opportunity to chase hail because I operate Dent Time, LLC in San Diego. My team here in San Diego is now very capable of operating Dent Time while I can take advantage of this opportunity.

I am anxious to do hail and meet new faces and as always, looking forward to learning new things. I feel very strong, this is what helps myself and my company to grow in many ways. When I return, I will have a small video documentation about my trip and the hail repair scene.

Stay tuned...

Myke Toledo

Part 2 of Raw Iphone Review - Magnetic PDR Tool Tip w/ BB - Paintless Dent Repair

I was told by the creators it was meant to use with the BB so that the new pdr student can easily follow their tool tip. Amazing it works quite well and I have to say, this almost fells like cheating. The magnet is so strong, there is no chance the BB will fall off what so ever.

I think soon as they get this tool tip dialed in and ready for production, it will be a fast seller indeed. All things have their learning curve though but this tool definitely will speed it up. Later on I will be posting some new articles about the latest tools and techniques from my website at