Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mercedes Benz Deep Paintless Dent Repair - PDR Training

When I saw this dent and I knew I had to at least take some photos and document my PDR process. I never get tired of taking photos of my work. Besides, it's really not work. To me it's having fun doing what I love. Paintless Dent Removal has become my passion behind marketing my passion. I also train PDR personally as well. From beginner to advanced, I share my passion and devotion to paintless dent removal and the auto reconditioning market.

Now enough about that. Let's briefly talk about this dent repair. It is quite intimidating indeed for any experienced tech. Although if you are an experienced tech, that feeling only last briefly until you begin to perform the job. Tools were essential. Wrong tools, wrong results. Although it takes more than tools to gain good results. A little patience, correctly reading the board and of coarse... experience.

I used a bladed shaved door tool (Ultra Dent Tools) to do most of the dirty work. I also used a knock down from (Dent Craft Tools) or (Dent Gear) to remove the crowns and highs. Now I can't just rush into the center. If I do, I will cause an oil can effect and then it will be a done deal, game over. I work from the top, then tap. I use this technique back n forth and switching sides in between so I keep the dent balanced.

Little by little within two hours, I have completed the job. No sanding, painting. Just one happy customer and a little satisfaction.

If you have questions about my PDR repair, please feel free to comment. You can also visit my official web site at

Friday, February 22, 2008

Body Line Dent Repair - PDR Paintless Dent Removal Training

Here we have a fairly deep dent on the body line of a 750IL BMW. As you can see when you blow click on the diagram, you'll notice the pinched lines above the center of the dent in photo #1. If you don't release pressure off the crown, you are going to have a real hard time moving the dent.

The #2 photo you'll notice the lines above the center dent are now straighter. Which indicates pressure has been removed. From here, we'll work gradually push from top to bottom into the center.

As the we work the dent towards the center, the outside surrounding area will become tighter (Photo #3). We want to knock down the outside to help relieve pressure. This helps the flexibility in the paint so we don't cause and cracking. Now it's important you are very accurate pushing. A good idea would be to use some type of protection on the tip of your tool like tape or a plastic cover.

#4 photos shows a slight high and a low. You want to keep your dent always clean as possible before you work the center. (Some cases, you can work the center direct but in this case, the dent is too deep for this method) Make sure you switch sides between pushing and knocking down so you can keep your dent balanced and clean.

#5 This photo shows that we are close after repeating steps 3 & 4. Again we are always checking from one side to the other.

#6 The final step. Cross checking is important. Stand up and move your board in all directions to catch any curvature or fade that will indicate your repair. Clean and polish.

Now this is a real basic explanation of our PDR repair. With one on one training, you'll have a much better understanding and grasp of this technique. For inquiries of PDR Training, please visit our main website. Or visit our official blog.

Friday, February 15, 2008

North County / San Diego Paintless Dent Removal n Bumper Scratch Repair

At Dent Time, we’re not just offering you a service. We are providing you with an unforgettable experience. Our mobile auto cosmetic and reconditioning team are high qualified professionals who specialize in paintless dent removal, plastic bumper repair, mobile auto body & paint, wheel n rim repair, windshield repair, window tinting and paint protection film.

Affordable & Convenience
One of the best benefits of our services is being affordable and convenient. Which means, we cater to you with mobile On-Site Done Right, cost-effective and time saving services, which not only help save money in your pocket book but also help you avoid an insurance claim as well. In most cases our mobile auto reconditioning services are lower than your deductible.

Expect Quality
How do you know what to expect? Well if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience our amazing service before, then we just might be, the most pleasant mobile auto repair service you will ever encounter. From small door dings to minor fender benders, Dent Time demonstrates amazing results.

Depending on the damage, your vehicle is usually repaired, renewed and restored back to pre-accident condition within 1-3 hours instead of 2-3 days.

Lease Return Specialist
We all know if you are leasing a vehicle, it’s always most certain your lease return inspection will cost you more money than you are willing to pay. and it’s also certain, Dent Time helps eliminate the hassle and worry from those overpaying penalties.

One Call Does it All
With one call, you’ll be expecting at your home or office, a professional mobile technician who will restore your vehicle back to pre-accident condition at an affordable cost.

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Email us your Photos
We make it easy to for you to get a fast and free estimate within 30 minutes or less by just simply emailing us your photos. After reviewing your photos, we’ll contact you back with an accurate estimate prior to scheduling an appointment.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kansas City Mobile Paintless Dent Repair n Ding Removal PDR

If you happen to be in Kansas City and you have a ding or dent in your vehicle, then look up Ace Dent Removal. Their high quality experience will get the job done right the first time. This service is called paintless dent repair. Dents are removed without using paint or fillers and the cost is 1/3 the price of a traditional body shop.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dent Repair of San Diego - Experience the Difference

For those of you who are new to the method of paintless dent removal service, your in for a treat. And for those who have already been introduced to the service, well then you are still in for a treat.

Dent Time of San Diego provides not only high quality and consistent results but a great experience as well. We want you to expect not only a paintless dent removal experience but an amazing one! Unlike other PDR companies, we have been performing and perfecting the art of PDR for over 17 years! Ya that's a long time and our videos and photos are proof in the pudding. But enough about that.

Why Do Our Customers Keep Calling Us?

Well for one good reason it's because they unfortunately have a dent or some kind of damage to their vehicle again. But the second and biggest reason is they love our service. We give our customers a service they appreciate because getting a dent in your car or some other kind of damage can be nerve racking. Having the service done to fix it shouldn't be.


As always, we provide free mobile service to the home or office. We show up on time and depending on the damage, usually the PDR service is performed within 30-90 minutes. Again, our work is consistent to your expectations and beyond.

Our Service is Our Product

Here at Dent Time, we want to know that it wasn't just our great work that helped us gain a successful company but the service we provided to go along with it. If you ever are in need of our outstanding service, you should give us a try. We'll make you right with real quality, real value and real fast. Guaranteed!

Call us today and get your over the phone quote at 800.420.DENT (3368) or our local # at 858.699.2054. We look forward to your call.