Friday, February 18, 2011

Anthony Spencer ( New PDR Slide Hammer and Twin Tap Down I interview Anthony Spencer from Dent Dynamics. He shows off his new tools (slide hammer and twin tap down) that is awesome.

2 Time PDR Champion - Troy Tarpley - I interview 2 time PDR dent olympics champion; Troy Tarpley. He shares hi own experience about the world famous dent contest and gives some insight.

Daniel Gromm New Motorcycle Tank Dent Repair Tools

I interview Daniel Gromm ( at the Mobile Tech Expo in Corpus Christ, Texas. He shows off his new vice for holding dented gas tanks in place and new specially designed soft tip tools that help gain access. Using these new tools will surely help ensure a more comfortable paintless dent repair without too much struggle.

Dent Gear Paintless Dent Repair Interview - Mobile Tech Expo 11

I stopped by Sal's booth ( at Mobile Tech Expo and checked out some of his new and interesting tools.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Dent Time Welcome Video

I have been working on this project on and off between other edits and finally got it done. I feel having a welcome video helps my potential customers be in touch on a more personal level. Introducing myself puts a face with the company and I also feel it makes it more engaging.

Having just content is to me all too boring. When I visit a website, I hope there are videos for me to get the full effect of the product or service. This is my whole point for creating such a video. I hope you enjoy watching and choose our company to help service your needs. Thanks for reading and watching. Please visit our main website for more information