Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rolls Royce Phantom Mobile Bumper Repair San Diego

Bumper Time, a division of Dent Time offers premium mobile plastic bumper repair in San Diego and North County. We also offer it in Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas. No matter what kind of vehicle you have. From Honda to a Rolls Royce, we assure your satisfaction will be beyond your expectations.

This type of exotic vehicle is not your ordinary car. Many owners would have thought they would have to take it to a body shop to get a great repair. Well fortunately Bumper Time is able to mirror the same results with a mobile bumper service. The paint repair was restored back to new (just like factory) within 3 hours.

As always, our bumper and key scratch repairs are guaranteed an exact color match with a written lifetime warranty.

Fact Stats:
Body Shop Quote: $2,200.00
Estimate Time Repair: 5 days

Bumper Time Quote: $700
Mobile Repair Time: 3 hours
Guarantee: Written Lifetime Warranty

Total Savings: $1,500.00

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Auto Paintless Dent Repair San Diego - Chevy Truck

It's Dent Time again! San Diego / North County's premier Mobile auto paintless dent repair and ding removal - On-Site. Done Right!

Once again we try to put on a show for you visitors and potential customers. Our work shows how passionate we are about auto reconditioning and in this specific case, paintless dent removal. Our passion for the industry is "obsessed" to say the least.

This dent took about 2 hours to remove. and we charged $300. The dent was restored back to pre-accident condition without the inconvenience of bringing the vehicle somewhere. Our 17 year experience will ensure your dent removal will be completed beyond your satisfaction.

We target our marketing approach by being different. Stand out like a soar thumb and that's our marketing policy. We hope you enjoy the video and may all your door dings be little ones!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mobile Bumper Repair - Honda Civic San Diego

Here's one of our dented bumper repair jobs we did in San Diego recently. Our service is always consistent with high quality results. Our customer was paying out of pocket and went to a body shop first. He got an estimate for $875 and they needed the car for 2-3 days. Wow! That's expensive.

Next our customer contacted us and emailed us some photos. We explained the bumper repair would cost $350 to repair on site and done right! As you can see, it was achieved.

Our mobile bumper repair service provides on-site computer color matching with a written lifetime warranty as well.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bentley GT - Removing Door Panel Tutorial for PDR

I created this video tutorial for my online auto reconditioning directory I think this will most techs out there who work on highline and exotics. This Bentley has to be one of the most time consuming door panel removals I have done. Lots of wires, lots of cables and lots of time if you are not use to doing a lot. Thank the lord for video! Anyways, take a peek.

It's not a common thing to work on a Bentley. But that's not why we filmed this door panel removal tutorial. It's because if you ever try to wedge your tool between the glass and the skin, you will most likely bust the window! I have done at least a 100 Bentley's and I have broken about 3 windows. How did it happen? Easy, I pushed the limit and paid for it. Literally. That's why I thought this would be interesting to film.

Bentley windows are dual pane. In other words two separate sheets of glass laminated together. The slightest pressure can make them crack or break all together. I thought this video would be a little unique and just maybe you techs out there might be able to use this information for a Bentley PDR repair some day.

Door panels aren't all that hard, you just have to be patient and be willing to learn. Heck, nothing is harder than learning PDR right? Anyways, check out the video and if you feel like it, let me know what ya guys think?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Official Release - PDR Line Board Manual for Paintless Dent Repair

Finally after months of photos and tech sessions, we created a manual regarding our line board. This paintless dent repair (PDR) line board was created to help those who either struggle in the PDR industry, newbies, and veteran techs who just simply want to learn more about the reflection.

We spent plenty of time putting this PDR Line Board Manual together and we think you'll appreciate some of the benefits, tips and tricks. A very nice and quality manual designed on wired binder for durability and longevity.

We are now just finishing up with the video presentation for the manual and should be done with post production the middle of April. Please visit for purchase.

Our PDR Line Board Doesn't Lie - Paintless Dent Repair/Removal

Our Company Dent Time and highly trained technicians use a unique line board to remove the ding or dent. What makes this board so special are the lines themselves. The curvature of the reflection gives the technician a "map" about the dent.

If the line is "fat", the dent is low. If the line is "skinny or pinched", the dent is high or going outward. The line board shows us a lot of detail. Big dents, body lines, dings and even creases are a plus using the line board. Although creases seem to be the biggest challenge to remove for the industry, the line board actually makes creases become easier to repair. Although, using the line board does have its learning curve but once mastered, it's a great asset to any PDR techs arsenal.

Here's a demo we created for