Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Body Line PDR Dent Repair - Student Question

Recently, one of my past students sent me this photo of a dent he was doing today (after photo coming later). He did also mention, it was kicking his butt too, LOL. No matter what level a pdr tech is at, body line dents will always at some point be a challenge. It all depends how deep it is as well. This one happens to be an average good old whack from another car door.

Now my purpose for this illustration and explanations was to help him stay in good habit and so he can compare what he had learned from me in person. I like to keep good communication going and this one of many options seems to help.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Paid PDR Membership In the Works

We are under way designing and uploading new content for the paid PDR membership area on You can get a better idea and some small previews from the website itself.

There will be multiple and different plans to choose from and will have minimum updated tutorials 2-3 times a month.  We really want to focus on real things you need to know and help excel your learning curve.

A range of video tutorials, presentation PDR tutorials and diagrams tutorials. Topics include: PDR process, deep ding removal, tool usage, creases, body lines and much more.

When you have time, check out what is in store so far and get a sneak peek of what is to come shortly this month.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Official PDR Training DVD Trailer - Trapped Pressure - Series 2

Here is the "trapped pressure" dvd trailer for the series 2. It's 25 minutes long with a downloadable manual included in the dvd. This dvd is going for $30 and well worth the money. I'm sure anyone wanting to know a little or a lot about lines, trapped pressure and tool usage, then this dvd is for you.
Here is a direct link to where you can purchase direct if you choose.

PDR Paintless Dent Repair - Online Learning - Paid Membership

I have been wanting to develop a paid membership site for a long time. I have so many good videos, tutorials and tips to share but I rather not give everything away for free. For the most part, I have contributed to the pdr community well and want to do it even better but it takes time.. and you guessed it, money. But I don't want to charge out the ying yang either.

How it works? It's a paid membership and you can either sign up on a one day bases, one month or 6 months at a time. Giving you access to all of our video tutorials you have never seen before. As you know, I only want to present "professional" material. I really have a lot of pride in my pdr work and presenting them best as I can is no exception either. So what I am getting at? Simple. You will be very pleased and actually can learn something far better than you can for free; including my own videos that are on youtube.

This new pdr training - paid membership section is to be fully functional and launched before Christmas. I really, really think you will enjoy it and the benefits that will help you along your pdr learning journey and career. I will be making an official announcement within the next two weeks for the launch.

Thank you.

Myke Toledo

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dent Dynamics PDR Slide Hammer Review - Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

If you are looking for a pretty cool and well made PDR glue pull slide hammer, then this one one disappoint. Made by I created a simple review on my iphone. I really think though, you will be very happy with this product. 

New PDR Tutorial Coming Out Soon!

Between the glue pull video and new tool videos, I had to make this very important tutorial for anyone wanting to understand more about the line board. I explain in detail what the lines are about and how to identify the characteristics with trapped pressure. This step by step video tutorial will help you get a big understanding how to approach a trapped pressure dent while using specific tools.

This tutorial will be released within 24 hours so stay tuned.

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