Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Body Line PDR Training Tech Article Book Available for Download

Well if you really want an in depth tutorial about paintless dent repair / removal training - then check out body lines and crowns. This training tutorial will give you what you want. Clear explanations, detailed diagrams and high resolution photos for ultimate clarity.

You won't be disappointed about sound advice when it comes to the pdr techniques that are explained in this tutorial. It's not just about how, it's about why. Which is a very important factor for learning anything.

You can download the 27 page pdr tech tutorial article from ReconExpress.com and check out what's inside for an in depth view.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AutoLecture.com - Auto Recon Resource Center for Online Training, DVDs, Videos, Marketing

AutoLecture.com is set to re-launch new web site by late January. AutoLecture.com specializes in promoting auto reconditioning in regards to marketing, purchasing tools, downloading paintless dent repair/ removal tutorials and training dvds and even video production.

AutoLecture.com is about featured products and marketing aspects geared toward the auto reconditioning companies that want to excel in the retail world, while capturing different angles of the industry.

This is the only auto recon site that will actually help you create a professional web site, video or even customize a marketing campaign that works! Even if you don't need that particular help, there are other things as well, like products, tools and downloadable tech articles & videos for your purchase convenience. You can also video preview almost every product before you purchase as well!

We hope you'll check it late January and look around. We'll give a shout out soon as we're all finished.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

ReconExpress Launchs New Hammer & Dolly Tutorial Video

If you want to know more about the art of paintless dent removal then you will probably be interested in this downloadable pdr video.

This paintless dent removal video will show you from start to finish how to remove a deep center pit quickly. Using a hand dolly from the backside, Vince explains the hammer, dolly PDR process. His dent repair technique he shares will want you to try it the moment after you watch the video.

This video can be downloaded from ReconExpress.com