Sunday, January 31, 2010

PDR Glue Pulling DVD in Post Production (Preview 1)

Last night I was in Los Angeles shooting the glue pulling paintless dent repair video. The production took about 9 hours and not counting previous shoots I had done before. I have about 14 hours of footage and I have to cram it into a 1 1/2 - 2 hour dvd.

This glue pulling pdr video will contain lots of information regarding tools, techniques, conversations, explanations and real in the field circumstances.

Below is a small preview of the video shoot. In our next post we will add some photos of examples how glue pulling dramatically helps the repair process with paintless dent removal.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PDR Line Board 101 DVD Release. / Paintless Dent Repair / Training Video

Ok folks, after a few years getting some experience under my belt learning how to properly use a camera and edit, I finally am going to release an OFFICIAL paintless dent repair training dvd video. It's called PDR Line Board 101 (Series 1). It's a basic, "get your feet wet" video about learning how the line board works and it's purpose.

David from SOS Dent helped me do some of the shots and repairs in the video. Much thanks to him too! This video offers the essentials about using the line board with proper placement. Animated diagrams with detailed instruction and exercises that help sustain a good practice habit.

I have more and exciting videos coming out this spring and if you liked my Youtube videos, you will definitely like this and my future pdr videos as well. Sometimes I don't get things done as fast as I would like because I am such a perfectionist. That is probably my biggest problem about not releasing these videos prior. But that's not an issue now, it's finally out and you finally will have an official dvd that can help you understand much better about the line board. I am planning to also have a bundle pack that ties in with the manual.

I'm sure you want to see what this video is about rather than read what's it about.. ya I'm that way too. But be patient, I am pretty much a one man show when it comes to marketing, editing, designing and promoting. So I think you can understand why some of this contributes to the delayed release. I plan on having a trailer by next week (Lets hope so!) so you can get the feel of it. The video is about 40 minutes long and on sale now at for  $39.99.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dent Olympics 2010 / Paintless Dent Repair / Removal PDR Competition

My name is Myke Toledo and a couple of friends of mine who also own their own pdr companies got together and went off to Clearwater, Florida for the International Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Dent Olympics. I decided to film the event and do a little bit of a report of what goes on. Even though I did not compete, the competition was harder than it appears especially when you have a crowd staring at every push you do. The competition was very good and not surprising, I saw the same finalists I did three years ago. It's no fluke these guys are consistently back again and my hats off to them. They were good. Just goes to show you, there are a lot of other great techs in this world, not to mention humble as well.

I did not get a chance to interview a couple of other notable techs who was head coordinating the PDR Dent Olympics which persons were; Terry Siegal and Troy Tarpley. Not to mention, both very good and talented pdr techs. Terry who has been running the PDR Olympics for some time now was a little busy for an interview because he was in a tight decision about who was going to be the Dent Olympic Champion. Troy, has also won this even himself a couple of times and decided to let someone else win for a change and do some judging as well.

This event is very fun and the guys (At least I met) were professional, humble and passionate about the industry of paintless dent repair. As mentioned, I was editing a video about the event and below was the outcome. I hope you enjoy my video "short" documentary. I would like to do more of these but only if time allows. I am way behind on my dvd tutorials. So I better get a move on.. take care and thanks for reading and watching. Oh and if you would like, please comment and let me know what ya think, good or bad..

-Myke Toledo

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Auto Recondition Show - Mobile Tech Expo 2010

This past weekend myself and friends (Vince and David) from and all went out to Clearwater, Florida to the Mobile Tech Expo. It's all about.. well, you guessed it, auto reconditioning. A lot of interesting venders that offer services and products such as; paintless dent removal, bumper repair, window tinting, tools, and lots of other things that involve the auto reconditioning industry.

I brought one of my new cameras just in case I wanted to film the scene. And of course I did. I did minor interviews with some venders and pdr techs who participated in the Dent Olympics. (Winners are in the photo above from left to right; Vitaliy Jentimir -1st Place -High Tech PDR, Ryan Tarpley 2nd Place - Dent Trix and Mark Tsurkis - 3rd Place-  High Tech PDR.)  All done spontaneous so the footage wasn't as professional as it could have been. I should have the video put together by the end of the week.

I met up with a lot of other pdr techs from around the nation and world. It was great seeing people I have chatted with online but never met in person. Being around other pdr techs who are just as passionate about pdr as I am is awesome. Time flew by as I talked to four different techs one at a time and 2-3 hours went by just like that. During the weekend, I was very surprised about all the unexpected positive feedback about the Youtube videos I had created. It's good to hear that I helped some other pdr techs learn and grow in the pdr industry. But enough about that.

The Mobile Tech Expo is definitely a place to learn all about the auto recon industry and network with other mobile techs. From seminars to the Dent Olympics, you'll find something that helps your mobile business become a better one. Video coming soon..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Complex Dents and Special Paintless Dent Repairs of San Diego

Here is the gallery of our greatest dents we have done over the years. I just wish I had snapped the photos of the ones I didn't have a camera. We are now collecting more older photos and new for our second greatest dents as well.

San Diego Muscle Cars / Paintless Dent Repair / Dentless Again

I had a call yesterday from San Diego Muscle Cars in Escondido and it was a pleasant surprise on the vehicles I got to work on... but it was some work. I only took before and after photos of the one out three I did. Below you can see the gallery of the before and after shot with the 68 Dodge Super Bee. The other two were a 1950 red classic Dodge welder truck and Shelby GT. Talk about heavy metal.. more like a tank. Let's put it this way, I didn't have to go to the gym after the day was done.

I have a video about the Super Bee coming later but no details when. I have a lot of projects in the future and between training and other video projects, I am already backed up for the first three months. A good thing but can be somewhat stressful. But it's all good. So anyhow, take a peek at the photos below.

Monday, January 4, 2010

PDR Japan Launches New Paintless Dent Repair Video - Interviewing Me

A couple of months ago my good friend Chad from (Yes he's white, speaks Japanese and lives in Japan) and wanted to interview me for his website. I had nothing to do with his great editing skills so congrats Chad on an awesome post edit!

We have talked a few times about me coming to Japan and doing a training seminar but we are still working out the details. Stay tuned in the future for the scoop on that for exact dates. Hopefully I can go in the Spring.. if my wife lets me! LOL!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Maui Ding Doctor - Shares Successful PDR Repair

Dan Chapman who owns "Maui Ding Doctor" in Maui, Hawaii shared his paintless dent repair photos. I had the pleasure working with Dan when he attended my advance paintless dent removal course. He already was a talented and patient technician and I believe he will continue to be a leader in his trade. Thanks Dan for coming and I wish you continued success.